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Live Session #0 – Ask Me Why?

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Written by: Ronald J. Britton

Vocals: Ronald Britton, Piano: Edwin Coppard

Recorded: March 28, 2009 – Tofino, BC Canada – Middle Beach Lodge

This song is in many ways the inspiration for The Music for Peace Sessions. I wrote it at a one of a kind event held by a good friend of mine Edwin Coppard. Edwin runs and does amazing work getting anyone and I mean anyone to sing. I am by no means even a semi-professional musician but, even the computer geek that I am has something to share with the world. Something like this song.

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Ask Me why oh ask me why ask me why
Ask me why so many must die
I tell you I don’t know and that’s the truth
You see to me it does not compute.

I ask you now do you know why
Do you know why it is so many must die
Can you tell me why
man must kill his fellow man?

I’ve asked this question across this land
From the mountains high to the roaring sands
I’ve asked the young, I’ve asked the old,
I meant to ask every living soul.

Do you know why it is man must hate
Can you tell me the reason his rage won’t abate
Can you tell me why
Man must kill his fellow man.

Then one day it came to me
Why the answers I sought were so hard to see
I was asking the wrong question and all I had to do
Was turn around my point of view.

And ask not why but instead ask how
How can man live in peace with his fellow man.
How can man live in peace with his fellow man.
How can man live in peace with his fellow man.