The Music for Peace Sessions has a local and global component.

Live Sessions” is our local component involving musicians, singers, song writers, and composers in the San Francisco Bay area.

Your Music” is an opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to publish their song of Peace on this site, for all the world to hear.

What is Live Sessions?

It’s a “Peace Demonstration”, in a world focused on war

  • It’s a way to Demonstrate the power of Peace, by creating a Song for Peace in just 8 hours from composition to final recording,
  • It’s a way to Demonstrate your commitment to Peace, by giving a day to an important cause.

It’s musicians coming together

  • Musicians with a common cause,
  • coming together to achieve a goal by peace.
  • Musicians putting aside differences,
  • coming together to achieve a goal about peace.
  • Musicians putting aside one day,
  • coming together to create a Song for Peace!

It’s a gathering of world class musicians

  • Musicians that can improvise,
  • Musicians that can compose,
  • Musicians that can can be open to new ideas.

It’s a message delivered in song

  • Songs carry more power than the spoken or written word.

It’s music that can reach inside of a person

  • Music that can get past the barriers,
  • Music that can get past the prejudices,
  • Music that can get past the fear,
  • Music that can touch the very soul.

It’s music about peace

  • Music focused on peace,
  • Music for Peace,
  • It’s what Planet Earth needs right now.

It’s a Small Body of Determined Spirits

  • Gandhi once said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”
  • A Music for Peace Live Session is a small body of determined musicians, fired by an unquenchable faith that Songs for Peace can alter the course of history.

It’s Time for Action

  • Do you want peace in the world?
  • Do you play music?
  • Do you sing?
  • Do you write lyrics?
  • Do you compose?
  • Do you want to be heard?
  • Do you have one day to do the most incredible thing you’ll ever do in your life?
  • Did you answer yes to four or more of the above?
  • You may have what it takes!

It’s 8 hours of your life

  • 8 hours to do something amazing!

It’s Time to do Something Amazing?

Want more information, go to the Live Sessions page

What is Your Music?

It’s just that, “your music”

  • Your Music is a place for everyone everywhere to share in the power of music.
  • Your Music is music, Listened to, Shared, and Created by you.
  • It’s Your Music for Peace.

It’s Simple Guide Lines

  • You do not have to create a new song, you can upload songs previously recorded.
  • New songs do not have to follow the 8 hour format of a Live Session. Take as long as you like.
  • All skill levels of musician accepted. You do not need to be a professional. Garage bands, solo guitarist, school band, anyone, anywhere, really!
  • Songs can be from any and all music genre.
  • Songs should not necessarily be anti-war songs, but instead songs that focus on peace.
  • Maybe try and answer these questions,
  • What do we do to live in Peace with our fellow man?
  • What does peace mean to you?
  • What do you do to live in peace with yourself?
  • What can peace bring to those living in peace?

It’s the world needing every song about Peace

  • The world needs to hear from all of you.
  • Send us your songs of Peace and we will publish them here for the world to hear.
  • You could just put it on your Facebook or MySpace page, or post it to YouTube, by all means do. The more songs about peace spread around the world the better.
  • Please upload your song here too.
  • So why should you upload a song to this website?

It’s creating a critical mass of songs

  • A place where anyone can come and find a song that speaks Peace to them.
  • The world needs every song about Peace; in every type of style; in every language; all here in one place.
  • You never know what  the catalyst will be for someone to receive the message of Peace.
  • A massive collection to inspire, uplift, and expand the consciousness of all who come here is the plan.

The World can’t wait to hear what will come.

Bring on the songs!

Want more information; to hear songs already contributed?

Go to the Your Music page.

To submit your song please go to the Song Upload page.