Image, hand showing peace sign thrust up through pile of bullets.

Seeing Red

On your way to work tomorrow, don’t look at the RED cars, repeat DO NOT look at the RED cars.

Re-read the above sentence 5 times, Bet you’ll see more red cars than you ever remember seeing before on your way to work in the morning.

The mind is an interesting thing it will give you what you focus on; read about; see; and think about, even when we give it the instructions not to.

War is like not seeing RED in the above example. Everywhere we are presented with war; stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; fight the war on drugs; help with the war on poverty.

We have become conditioned to war being a part of life. It is how we get things done.

Have a cause you want to solve, declare WAR on it! Have a disease you want to cure, declare WAR on it! Think the policies and ideology of another country might be a threat to you, declare WAR on them too!

WAR this! WAR that! And WAR the other thing! It is any wonder that all we get is WAR?

All you have to do is open your eyes look around and you can see this approach isn’t working. Is it?

It Must Stop!

The world is raging with fear, hatred, violence, and war. It must stop!

Many are trying to bring about change but, the approaches being used seem to not be working.

What is the proof? Have you watched the evening news any time in the last few days?

The world’s focus is on war, so even though we do not want war we are getting what we are focused on.

As the seeing red example above illustrated the mind filters our perception to what we focus on. Be it something we want or something we don’t want it does not matter we still get what we focus on.

Music for Peace

Image, hand in concert crowd showing peace sign with back drop of color lights on stage.

That leads us to The Music for Peace Sessions website.

Its purpose, to infuse the World through songs with the very essence of Peace.

To enlighten all with what we do to make Peace; what we do to live in Peace; what a wonderful life it is when we are at Peace.

PEACE this! PEACE that! And PEACE the other thing!

A message delivered in song carries more power than the spoken or written word.

Music can reach inside of a person, can get past the barriers, past the prejudices, past the fear, and touch the very soul.

Music about peace; music focused on peace; Music for Peace is what Planet Earth needs.

World Peace One Song at a Time!

The Music for Peace Sessions will bring Peace to the world one song at a time.

It will promote music about peace, not necessarily anti-war songs, but music about how to live in Peace with yourself and with your fellow man.

We will do this by our Live Sessions which bring together groups of people who believe that the word of Peace can and will be spread by the power of music and that together we will create amazing songs to change the world.

This will be done by anyone that has created, or wants to create, their own song for Peace uploading it to our servers to be shared with the world on our Your Music page.

Together enough voices singing about Peace will manifest the Peace we sing about into this world.

Join us and sing a song for Peace, listen to a song for Peace, share a song for Peace here with the world. Be the Peace you wish to see in the world.

We believe in Peace, do you?